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About Us

ARENA TECHNOLOGIES is a leading sales and service provider for Marine and Security Systems Equipments established in 2007

Who We Are

We are the sales and service agent for a number of leading international manufactures of marine navigation and security equipments such as Lowrance,Garmin,Koden,Furuno,Hik-Vision,CP- PLUS,G Track,iCOM,High Power,UnV,iv-Pro etc.

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Arena Technologies markets,distributes and services marine-navigation-communication-security elctronic equipments of the highest quality.Over the years the company has shown remarkable progress as a complete marine and security provider.


Our objective is to keep all the marine elctronics and security system equipments operational.We strive to give you total support.We are ready toprovide you with the most-cost efficient-solutions.We serve our customers via direct sales,On-demand and contractional service and maintanance.Our focus is on the relationship we will build and maintain with customers.We will do our best to service their needs.Our technicians recieve timely training courses frequently and our service facility is fully equipped and aaproved in accordance with national standards.

CCTV:Closed Circuit Television,also known as Video Survaillance,is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specefic place,on a limitted set of monitors.The term is most often applied to those used for survaillance in areas that may needmonitoring such as offices buildings,residential areas,fishing boat,vehicles,stores and other areas where security is needed

Marine Echo Sounder:With an Echo Sounder/Fish Finder you will know where the fishes are and how many of them are in the particular region

Marine GPS/Navigation:GPS provides the fastest and the most accurate method for mariners to navigate,measures speed,and determine location.

Marine Radio:Marine Radio equipment is installed on all large fishing boats and most sea going small craft.It is also used with slightly different regulation,on rivers and lakes.It is used for a wide variety of purposes,including summoning rescue services andcommunicating with harbours,other fishing and rescue boats,and marines.

Vehicle Tracker:A vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle location.

Access Control:In the field of physical security and information security,access control is the selective restriction of access to a place or other resource.The act of accessing may mean consuming,entering,or using permission to access a resource is called authorization.

Video Door Phone:A door phone or door bell phone is a set of electrical and electronic elements used to handle two-way communication(street to home) in houses,appartments,offices,or villas.Thus device is connected to a secure communication system used to control the opening of the door giving access to any kind of buildings,offices or apprtment blocks.